Friday, January 11, 2008

Health and Beauty #2

ChapStick Lip Moisturizer SPF-15, Stick
ChapStick Lip Moisturizer SPF-15, Tube
ChapStick Lip Moisturizer Vanilla Mint SPF-15
ChapStick Lip Moisturizer Vanilla Raspberry SPF-15
ChapStick LipSations Lip Moisturizer, Glitter
ChapStick LipSations Lip Moisturizer Gloss
ChapStick Overnight Lip Treatment (with Hydroxy Acids)
ChapStick Sun Zone Flava CrazeSPF 15 Wild Crazeberry
ChapStick Sun Zone Ultra 30 Berry
ChapStick Ultra SPF 30 Lemon-lime
Children’s ChapStick Flava Craze - (Blue Crazeberry)
Children’s ChapStick Flava Craze -(Fruit Punch)
Children’s ChapStick Flava Craze -(Grape)
Children’s ChapStick Flava Craze SPF15 (Watermelon Splash)

Chesebrough (Ponds)
Groom 'n Clean Hair Control Cream

Clinique See Estee Lauder

Close-Up (Ponds)
All oral products GF

Bar Soap

Colgate Shaving Creams (Colgate-Palmolive)
All varieties

Colgate Simply White Clear Whitening Gel (Colgate-Palmolive)
All varieties

Colgate Toothpaste (Colgate-Palmolive)
All varieties


Coppertone (Schering-Plough)
ALL Coppertone products are GF, except the Endless Summer Tanning Lotion (FACES).

Country Save Cleaning Products (Country Save)

Country Save Laundry Products (Country Save)

Cover Girl
All foundations, Fresh Complexion pressed powder, Extremely Gentle pressed powder, Continuous Color moisture-enriched blush, all concealers, all eye shadows, all mascaras, Thick-n-Thin eye

liner, Soft Radiance eye liner, Extremely Gentle soft liner, Continuous Color lipsticks and lip liners, Marathon lipsticks, all Nail Slicks EXCEPT nail treatments

“No current Crest products contain gluten.”

Crystal Clean Stick Deodorant (Colgate-Palmolive)
All varieties

Curél (Andrew Jergens Co.)
NOTE Company will not state if GF as ingredients change constantly

Advanced Formula; Extra Strength Medicated Shampoo; Extra Strength Medicated Shampoo with Conditioner; Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner; Medicated Mountain Fresh Scent Shampoo

Bar Soap

Dove (Unilever)
Ingredients made of wheat, rye, barley, or oats will be noted on label. This is the policy for all Unilever products.

Earth Sciences
Clarifying Facial Wash, Herbal Astringent, Almond Aloe Moisturizer

Ecco Bella Natural Cosmetics (CALL on each product - many are gluten free) (973-696-7766) (Makes Lipsticks, Foundations, and other products)

Eden Foods
Dentie Toothpaste (tube in a box); Dentie Toothpowder

ESS Skin & Body Care (Universal Companies) All ESS Skin & Body care products are wheat/gluten free. EXCEPT ESS Citrus Shower Body

Scrub and ESS Neroli Bath Gel with AHA. **Cosmetics are currently unconfirmed.

Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Originis Natural Resources, Bobbi Bown Essentials, Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries, MAC, Stila, Prespectives
This is the list of grain-derived ingredients, found on our labels This information covers products marketed under the following trademarks: Estée Lauder, Inc.; Clinique Laboratories, Inc.; Aramis,

Inc.; Origins Natural Resources, Inc.; Bobbi Brown essentials; Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries, MAC, Stila, and Prescriptives, Inc.
Consumers will find ingredient listings on our primary packaging material, in accordance with FDA regulations, using names which are standard throughout the cosmetic and fragrance industry.

Because of the vast number of raw materials from different sources, it is not possible to guarantee that our products are completely free of any of the grains specified. The denatured ethyl

alcohol in our products is produced synthetically, with the exception of the denatured ethyl alcohol in MAC products, which is derived from corn.
Glycine Soja
Hydrogenated Lecithin
Mixed Soy Phospholipids
Soybean Extract
Soybean Sterol
Hydrolized Soy Protein
Soybean Oil
Peg-5 Soya Sterol
Peg-25 Soya Sterol
Peg-10 Soya Sterol
Peg-16 Soya Sterol
Soy Phospholipids
Soybean Sterol Isostearate
Hordeum Vulgare
Triticum Vulgare
Wheat Sphingolipids
Wheat Bran Extract
Wheat Germ Glycerides
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Wheat Protein
Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch
Wheat Bran Extract
Avena Sativa
Oat Flour
Oat Extract
Beta Glucan
Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids
Oat Beta Glucan
Zea Mays
Corn Starch
Corn Oil
Corn Flour
Corn Starch Modified
Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate
Yeast Derived Ingredients
Oryza Sativa
Rice Bran
Rice Starch
Millet Derived Ingredients
Panicum Miliaceum

Equate Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Equate (Walmart brand)
After dialing the toll free number, press 3 for medications and 1 for Vitamins, key in the lot # of the product to find out if certain vitamins are GF.

Fasteeth Toothpaste

Toothpaste, Cream, and Powder

GEL-KAM, (Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals)
Home Flouride Treatment

Swiss Collagen Complex Moisturizing Creme w/ vitamin E -- Customer service first asked what I meant by gluten free -- then said "oh, anything grain based", went away a while and said "it is

gluten free".

Glide Floss

Glysomed (Special Labs., Ltd.)
All products


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